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Geoff Burns PhD and Elite Ultra Runner

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2020

A must watch interview for anyone who works with Ultra-runners or is looking to do an Ultra themselves! Geoff is a PhD from the University of Michigan who studies running biomechanics and physiology, and he is also an elite Ultra runner who just placed 5th at the JFK 50 miler. 

We unpack lots of great stuff in the interview including benchmarks for Ultra training, nutrition, recovery, and much more. Check out the show notes below and learn more about how to get in touch with Geoff:

2:11 JFK 50 Mile Race Report

13:38 What are benchmarks and key workouts to prepare for an Ultramarathon

16:23 Geoff’s primary workout that he does Saturdays during a training plan

19:00 How Geoff uses lactate testing to tailor his training paces

24:34 The breakdown of Geoff’s typical training week

29:44 What baseline fitness is needed to start an ultra plan and how long should an ultra plan last

31:30 The fundamentals that Geoff focused on to make him less injury prone during his training plan

40:30 A Fast and Furious Reference about our reserve tank that we can only tap so often

41:13 The psychological aspect of race recovery

43:10 What Geoff eats after an Ultra

43:59 Don’t forget the protein after an Ultra!

45:55 Bread and butter, a classic but so delicious!

47:17 **Day after the race, and what you should do to boost recovery** (a must listen!)

52:43 Listen to what your body tells you, and then wait another two days before running

54:33 How to learn more about Geoff and his work


Twitter and Instagram: @geoffreyburns

Strava: (or search "Geoff Burns")


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