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Certified Running Gait Analyst: Level 1

Level 1 simplifies running gait analysis by teaching you a system that categorizes runners into the 5 most Common Running Gait Impairment Classifications.  You will learn the ACE Running Readiness Assessment to help you determine whether the gait impairments are due to mobility, motor control, or technique errors.  As you become more comfortable identifying these impairments, we will introduce you to treatment strategies to get your runners better.

Certified Running Gait Analyst: Level 2

Level 2 builds on what you learned in Level 1. We further enhance your understanding of runners’ patterns as you identify the interplay and overlap between the 5 Common Running Impairment Categories, allowing you to more rapidly identify the exact fix for each runner.  You will accelerate your abilities to an expert level as you move from primarily categorization of runners, to detailing their exact flaws each and every time.  Advanced hardware and software will be concurrently used to illustrate and confirm what we are finding and immediately make the changes you need.

Coming Soon: Late 2020!

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