RunDNA Motion Analysis

Looking to get a technology edge with runners?


Trace 3D is now RunDNA

More Than a Device, a Whole EcoSystem

Designed for Clinicians

No PhD required! Get full 3D data in seconds to provide a world class experience for your runners. If you value actionable data that you can trust, this system was designed for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

This portable 3D Motion Analysis system removes the barriers of turning your passion for working with runners into a profitable business.With just a treadmill and 5 ft of space behind it, you can offer the highest quality in running analysis. 

While we have an excellent device, the true value of RunDNA is the entire ecosystem.

  • It starts with evidence based education that focuses on what really matters for runners.
  • Then, we get the best data from our 3D device to inform us about exactly what we can do to help a runner.
  • Finally, we deliver comprehensive programs (included int he ecosystem) in a user-friendly app (coming Fall 2020) to make sure a change is made. 

Value is the key! We offer business coaching and marketing support to make sure you get a great return on your investment. Plus, we have done all the work for you by creating programs and making reports that can be ready in seconds. Reduce the administrative burden, and focus on providing great service to your clients.


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