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A Level 1 Certified Gait Analyst from ACE is a participant who has completed the Level 1 live course, the online Essential Elements of Running, and a certification exam (both online and exam are included in the cost of Level 1).

Level 1 Certified Running Gait Analyst is a 2 day course which covers running gait analysis and the running readiness assessment (movement screen).  We connect the runner’s mobility, motor control, and strength to their running impairments and identify what corrective programs the runner should be prescribed.

Essential Elements of Running is an online course which provides foundational knowledge for the running professional.  It is a precursor to the live Level 1 live course certification.  It can also be taken separately as an online course.

Level 2 is a series of online shorter courses, which cover more specific topics a runner professional encounters.  These can either be taken separately as solo courses or as a part of your journey towards Level 2 Certification.

Yes!  You will complete this online portion prior to attending the live Level 1 Course.

Contact us at [email protected] and we will provide you with a credit for the cost of essential elements towards your Level 1 registration!

We recognize the complexities of gait analysis.  In the level 1 course, we simplify gait analysis into recognizing the 5 most common running gait impairments.  We also connect the movement abilities of a runner’s body and analyze how this can lead to running impairments….and of course, how to identify and correct them.

Yes!  The course creators and many of our instructors are sports physical therapists.  We designed this course based on our team’s clinical experiences and the latest literature on running.

Yes!  This course will help you recognize the running impairments of your athletes as well as the contributing factors from their mobility, motor control and strength. 

Yes!  If you are interested in working with athletes, this course will increase your ability to analyze running and design corrective plans for both sports performance and resolve injuries.

Yes!  We schedule courses typically 6-12 months in advance and work with many companies to host the course.  We provide discounts for the host location!  If you are interested in discussing becoming a host location, please reach out to us at [email protected]

2D can be a very useful starting point and often the only available resource for a clinician due to the expense.  2D unfortunately can be time intensive, unreliable, and only accurate for 5 variables.

3D takes a running professional to the next level, allowing a more reproducible and detail oriented method of assessment.  It provides details on the interaction between the running readiness screen and the changes in running form.

We have found 3D to be incredibly helpful with building our practice as experts, while improving our ability to identify impairments and retrain runners more readily. 2D does offer qualitative information that can be useful in clinical practice, and if you use 2D there is a lot that you can get out of this course. We use Trace 3D at our courses and in our clinics.  It is vastly less expensive than traditional 3D and offers a quick set up and data analysis for busy schedules. Please contact [email protected] for specific questions about 3D


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