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What is a Certified Running Gait Analyst Course?

Certified Running Gait Analyst Courses are a path to becoming "Hero to Runners", but what does that mean and how will this course help you get there? A Hero to Runners is someone who can take a seemingly complex runner and figure out the simple steps needed to help them achieve their goals. Sounds easy, right? Read on to see what that takes and how we can guide you to become the hero you were meant to be


"We provide the knowledge, skills, and tools to simplify running and turn rehab and fitness professionals into heros for runners"

Certified Running Gait Analyst Courses
-Our Mission

Course Descriptions

Find out where to get started and what you will learn

Essential Elements of Running


Running Biomechanics

Intro to 5 Running Gait Impairments

Shoe Anatomy

Training and Periodization Principles

*Pre-Requisite for Level 1*

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Level 1 Certified Running Gait Analyst


*price includes Essential Elements of Running

Running Readiness Assessment

Gait Retraining

Detailed Plans for 5 Running Gait Impairments

Includes Handouts!

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Level 2 Certified Running Gait Analyst

*Price varies by course. You may take Level 2 courses without Level 1 Certification, but you will not earn Level 2 until complete Level 1

Return to Running Advanced Principles

Orthotic Management for Runners

Advanced Strength and Conditioning Principles

Injury Specific Treatment Plans

And much more!

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Why This Course is Different

There are lots of courses that give great information and useful exercises. There is no other course for working with runners that takes everything you need to be a top professional and puts it into a SYSTEM. This course provides a step by step system that can be used to get repeatable excellent results. Leave your frustrations behind and become a Hero to Runners. 

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